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Clemson Miracle Moral Line Dance


Allison Gresham2022.jpeg

Allison's Why:

"Every kid deserves to be a kid! The staff at Prisma work so hard to provide amazing support and care to the kids and I will support this cause until there is a cure!"

Allison Gresham

Executive Director

Sarah Marsden2022.jpeg

Sarah's Why:


Sarah Marsden

Internal Operations Director

Katy Gessner2022.jpeg

Katy's Why:


Katy Gessner

External Communications Director

Sara Schmedding2022.jpeg

Sara's Why:


Sara Schmedding

Finance Director

Adrianna Corral2022.jpeg

Adrianna's Why:

"I fight for our miracle kids and their futures. I fight for the future doctors and nurses, future leaders, and future Clemson Tigers! This organization has given me so much joy and I hope more people learn about our fight and join us!"

Adrianna Corral

Miracle Maker Relations Director


Maya's Why:


Maya Joglekar

Event Operations



Emma's Why:

"When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss, and at seventeen, I was diagnosed with unilateral deafness and received a cochlear implant. While this experience was difficult, it's the support and encouragement of my community that allowed me to persevere through it all. I cherish this opportunity to fight for these children and their families in the hope that I can offer that same unconditional love and support that I received so graciously when I was a kid!"

Emma Shank

Event Operations


Natalie Cote2022.jpeg

Natalie's Why:

"For all the kids and families who fight every day to get the care they deserve."

Natalie Cote

Morale Co-Chair

Natalie Miller2022.jpeg

Natalie's Why:


Natalie Miller

Morale Co-Chair

Emily Lay2022.jpeg

Emily's Why:


Emily Lay

Hospital Relations


Emily Rinaldi2022.jpeg

Emily's Why:

"I participate in Clemson Miracle in honor of one of my best friends who passed away from a rare, terminal childhood brain cancer. She was such a light in my life and her and continues to inspire me everyday, I love being able to honor her and her family by raising money for people in similar situations!"

Emily Rinaldi

Hospital Relations



CC's Why:


CC Caron

Marketing Assistant


Mallory's Why:

"In high school, my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. From then on, I always knew if I could do anything to help others going through similar situations, I would! Kids are strong human beings, and I love supporting them through all walks of life and seeing them supported."

Mallory Bordewyk

Creative Development Chair

Ian Downs2022.jpeg

Ian's Why:


Ian Downs

Public Relations Chair

Emily Todd2022.jpeg

Emily's Why:


Emily Todd

Merchandise Chair

Katherine Ray2022.jpeg

Katherine's Why:


Katherine Ray

Finance Assistant


Jillian's Why:

"I have always had a passion for working with kids. Growing up, I watched my cousin participate in dance marathon and ever since I knew that I wanted to take part in the same cause and have a lasting impact as she did. This is a humbling opportunity and one that I cherish every day to be able to help these children and their families."

Jillian Young

Fundraising Chair

Julia Ellen2022.jpeg

Julia's Why:


Julia Ellen

Partnership Co-Chair


Jess's Why:


Jess Frey

Partnership Co-Chair

Morgan Dickey2022.jpeg

Morgan's Why:


Morgan Dickey

Hospitality Chair

Courtney Condon2022.jpeg

Courtney's Why:


Courtney Condon

Membership Chair

Marina Terry2022.jpeg

Marina's Why:


Marina Terry

Recruitment Co-Chair

Lizzy Eastham.jpeg

Elizabeth's Why:


Lizzy Eastham

Recruitment Co-Chair

Victoria Burgess2022.jpeg

Victoria's Why:


Victoria Burgess

Community Events

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