What is ALL IN Day?


This day is our biggest fundraising push outside of Dance Marathon. Last year we set a goal of  20K in one day, and we were able to raise 27K in one day. This year we are setting a goal of 30K to raise in one day!


Our goal for the day is to spread awareness about Clemson Miracle and GHS

Children’s Hospital all over campus. We want our campus to be “All In”, so that is why

we decided to brand this as ALL IN Day and make it an annual event.

Use these simple fundraising ideas to reach your $50 goal in no time!

  • Post silly or embarrassing pictures on social media for donations! Ex: For every donation of $5 or more I will post an embarrassing picture!

  • Set up a coin jar in any high traffic area - your kitchen, cup holder in the family cars, even your apartment or residence hall.

  • Do an embarrassing dare (like eat a really hot pepper) for small donations.

  • Tag people in your organization's Facebook group or GroupMe and ask for small donations of $1-$5

  • Be your friends’ Uber for donations

  • Deliver snacks or meals to friends "Rent" out your Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, or other accounts!

  • Send venmo requests for small amounts $1-$5!

  • Make a bet with friends at a rival school and have the loser donate to the other’s Donor Drive!